How Vibrational Therapy Will Transform Your Approach To Health, Beauty And The Healing Process

The Traditional Chinese medicine techniques and theories that underlie the benefits of vibrational healing therapy date back thousands of years. But the advances in technology that allow vibrational healing to be such a powerful modality are relatively modern. Using an expertly blended and applied combination of micro current technology, color light therapy, flower essences & essential oils, vibrational healing is both gentle yet extremely effective, and perfect for managing a range of conditions. With vibrational healing therapy being a more modern innovation, many people are not aware of the incredible benefits that it can offer. Here we look at some of the advantages of vibrational healing and how it can benefit you.

Acupuncture Without Needles

Have you heard about the great benefits of acupuncture but have a fear of needles? Want your children to experience the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine in a gentler way? One of the great strengths of vibrational healing is that it allows for the stimulation of the acupuncture meridians and the activation of qi energy, without the use of needles.

Using low level current from the Acutron machine, a skilled traditional Chinese medical practitioner can identify the acupuncture points with blockages or stagnation and apply just the right amount of current for energy release and effective pain management. This makes vibrational healing the perfect choice for someone who has a fear of needles and yet wants to experience the incredible healing benefits of acupuncture.

Facelift Without Surgery

While we all want to stay looking young for as long as possible, even many celebrities have come out recently claiming the drawbacks of conventional plastic surgery. Injecting toxins into the skin or going under the knife is an extremely invasive way to stay looking young, and in many cases this kind of approach to anti-ageing can backfire.

Vibrational healing provides a gentle, natural and effective alternative. Energy Light Facial Rejuvenation naturally stimulates cell turnover and smooths wrinkles for naturally fresher, younger looking skin. The stimulation of acupuncture meridians on the face and neck during vibrational healing for anti-ageing also has transfer effects, to provide total body healing and regeneration as well.

Magnification of Pain Relief

Vibrational healing, used together with traditional acupuncture, can magnify and increase the pain relieving and healing effects of acupuncture, due to the amplified stimulation of the acupuncture points. This technique blends traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology, providing an even more effective way to increase energy, relieve pain, maximize wound healing and speed up rehabilitation.

Traditional Chinese Medicine For Everyone

Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine understand that acupuncture isn’t the right choice of treatment for everyone, and some people such as children, the elderly or those with poor health may not be able to receive acupuncture. Vibrational healing therapy offers a gentle, yet still highly effective technique that makes traditional Chinese medicine accessible to everyone without needle acupuncture.

Vibrational healing therapy blends the best of both ancient wisdom and modern technology, and provides the ideal solution for total body healing, regeneration and natural beauty. Your local practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine can show you the many ways that vibrational healing can benefit you and your family.

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