5 Great Reasons You Should Try Surprising Gua Sha Therapy

For the uninitiated, Gua Sha therapy sounds absolutely crazy, or dubious at best! This ancient practice from traditional Chinese medicine is beginning to take off in the West as more and more people discover how Gua Sha therapy can help manage both acute disease and muscle pain, as well as total wellness.

Gua Sha Therapy involves the practitioner moving a smooth instrument in one direction across a particular area of the body, say an area of pain, to loosen muscles, or to relieve fever and inflammation.  It is a great way to eliminate toxins from the body to keep it clean and healthy. Gua means scraping (though not scraping in an injurious way) and Sha is the toxins that rise from the muscle layer into the skin layer.  The toxins will appear as deep red or even purple areas on the skin!  Gua Sha therapy allows the practitioner to see what is really going on beneath the surface of the painful area.   These marks are painless and disappear within 48-72 hours, leaving you with just the incredible benefits of Gua Sha.

Here are 5 great reasons you should try Gua Sha therapy today.

1.    Gua Sha Can Help Chronic Pain

Scientific studies on Gua Sha therapy have proven its effectiveness in managing chronic pain. Whether you suffer from chronic muscle pain and stiffness or even tension headaches, Gua Sha can offer a completely natural and holistic solution for pain relief. Gua Sha is great for people who work long hours at a desk/computer, or who commute long hours and have stiff necks and upper back pain.

2.    Rapid Relief for Fever and Illness

Because Gua Sha draws blood flow to the surface of the skin, this treatment can help to rapidly dissipate fever and help your body fight illness. Not only does the treatment help relieve the aches and sensitivities that come with illness, it directly supports the body in fighting illness too.

3.    Stimulates the Body’s Immune Response

If you feel yourself coming down with a cold or flu, a treatment of Gua Sha could be just what you need. Gua Sha helps to activate the inflammatory process of the body’s immune response, so that your body is prepared and ready to combat illness and disease.

4.    Keeps the Body Balanced and Disease Free

Because Gua Sha increases circulation and stimulates the body systems, it can help your body stay healthy and prevent diseases from arising. As you perform ongoing treatments of Gua Sha you can experience greater mobility and ease in your body movements, less pain and less susceptibility to infections.

5. Does Gua Sha therapy hurt?

This is a good question! Patients actually report the treatment feels good even though certain areas may be tender.  You know the saying, “It hurts so good!”?  Well that’s Gua Sha!  Patients immediately experience relief from muscle pain, so even though it feels tender, it also feels good to be without pain.  Gua Sha can be used on children and adults in good general health who are not debilitated and weak.

Whether you’re curious about Gua Sha or simply need a treatment to quickly help you with some body issues, consider trying Gua Sha.  Most licensed acupuncturists offer Gua Sha therapy in their practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  See for yourself the kind of benefits this ancient natural and holistic modality can provide for you.

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