How Does Cupping Therapy Work and What Conditions is it Good For?

Cupping is an incredible traditional medicine technique that has been used by a variety of cultures for thousands of years. The benefits of cupping are many, and the results for your health can really be surprising. However, many people aren’t actually aware of how cupping could work for them. Cupping can be used on its own or in conjunction with acupuncture, and many clients claim it is one of the most effective and beneficial practices for overall health and wellbeing. But what is cupping and how does it actually work? Here we look at the details of cupping, and how it could benefit you.

How Cupping Works

In the hands of a qualified registered acupuncturist, cupping is a powerful practice that helps to rejuvenate and reenergize the body. Cupping therapy is a natural health modality that uses cups with mild suction to apply pressure and gently stretch and stimulate the muscles and fascia of the body.

The pressure inside the cups draws the skin, muscles and tissues into the cups, stretching and gently massaging these tissues. It also increases circulation in the cupping area by pulling the blood to the surface, and this helps to promote and fast track repair while clearing damaged cells and toxins from the area. Cupping therapy helps stuck blood and energy flow more harmoniously through your body, eliminating pain.

Effects of Cupping

Because cupping uses a vacuum effect to provide its benefits, the immediate effect of cupping is a gentle stretching of the muscles and fascia of the area, along with increased circulation and a stimulation of blood flow to the area.

Cupping can also produce a positive effect known as ‘sterile inflammation’. This turns your body into a germ fighting hot house that naturally rids itself of bacteria, viruses, disease and toxins to help you feel completely refreshed and renewed. Because of this, cupping therapy is often used at the first sign of a cold or flu.

Benefits of Cupping

Because Cupping produces a whole range of benefits, both for overall health and in relation to specific diseases and conditions. Cupping can help to heal both new and old injuries, and also flush diseases and toxins out of the body.

The many benefits of cupping include –

·         Better circulation

·         Increased oxygenation delivery of nutrients to tissue

·         Removal of old stagnant blood from body areas

·         Promote beneficial ‘sterile inflammation’ for rapid tissue healing

·         Increase the blood vessels in an area

·         Stretching out muscles, fascia and connective tissue.

After Cupping Treatment

Cupping therapy produces both immediate results that help your body to repair itself, such as stretching and increasing circulation in your body, as well as producing long term results such as looser and more relaxed muscles and ligaments over time, relief from chronic pain, and better mobility and functionality in everyday life.

Cupping uses suction to produce its stimulating and restorative results, and this treatment can leave some suction marks after treatment. However, there is never any pain throughout the treatment, and cupping therapy is generally considered to be less painful and more beneficial than most massage therapies.

Cupping can be a transformative treatment for chronic muscle pain as well as old and new injuries alike. For a traditional, natural treatment promoting relief of pain, clearing of pathogens and the healing of a whole range of conditions, try cupping for yourself today and see how it could transform your health and life.

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